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Information Provided by

All of the information about corporations and individuals made available at comes from the previously publicly-accessible data in the online Prince Edward Island Corporate Register.

Information Collected at

When you use the website we record, both locally and using third-party services, anonymous information about your activity on the site.

Google Analytics

When you use the website we gather anonymous information about you using Google Analytics. This may include:

All of this information is gathered and analyzed in an anonymous, non-identifying fashion: we do not keep track of your name or address.

Using your IP address, however, we could determine, with varying accuracy, the country, province/state, and in some cases the city where you are connected to the Internet. If you are using this site from a location with a registered static IP address it's further possible that your company or organization could be identified.

We use information from Google Analytics to determine statistical information about the amount of usage is receiving, what areas of the service are used to what degree, and to understand the geography of those using the website. All of this is used to make decisions about whether the service should continue to exist and, if so, what the resource requirements are.

Information recorded by Google Analytics is maintained on systems not directly under our control, and is further subject to the Google Inc. Privacy Policy.

Recording Searches

Independent of Google Analytics, we record every search term used, along with the date and time and the IP address from which the search originated. This is done to be able to determine what types of information is being searched for, to know how to improve the search mechanism, and to be able to provide to the public aggregate data about popular items in the database to the public (recent searches, popular searches, etc.). We associate the IP address with the search term to be able to see patterns of usage, and to identify likely usability problems.

Information recorded and stored locally is kept in a MySQL database on a RedHat Enterprise Linux server secured behind a Linux software firewall at our data center in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Direct access to this data is available only to employees of Reinvented Inc.

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